In order to reach the above objectives we employ a research strategy
expressed in the overall scheme of the structure of PreNanoTox
and the interrelations among the different WPs shown in the following

The three technological WPs operate in a cooperative and synergistic
way. WP2 started its activity to form a large database from peer-reviewed
articles, by using and further enhancing the elements previously
developed in the FP7-NHECD project. To optimize the quality of data
extraction, its precision will be validated manually at each stage of the
database development by a domain expert through an interactive
procedure. This database is an essential element for the application of
QNAR and data-mining modelling, thereby serving the basis for the
activity of WP3. An additional essential element for the activity of WP3 is
having a mechanistic knowledge on the relationship between adsorption
and wrapping of NPs by the cell membrane and the physico-chemical
characteristics of the NPs. This is being studied in WP4 by employing both
theory of curvature elasticity and computer simulations using dynamically-
triangulated surfaces to model the cell membrane.

The contribution of the different partners to the integrated knowledge
domain, in this multidisciplinary project, is shown in the following scheme: